“Celebrating Your Body: A Journey to Confidence in Your Size”

Do you remember the Barbie dolls that we played in our childhood? Slim, beautiful, and the perfect body that every girl dreams of. We all grew up with the thought that thin is good and fat is bad, but is that true? Of course not. Your body physique does not equate with your strength; you can way be stronger than you look.

This article explains how to feel confident in your size and how to go from self-doubt to self-love.

Body positivity is the hottest topic in the town after the sudden demise of Jamie Lopez, founder of Baby doll Beauty Couture. The term “body positivity” has been misapplied. It does not imply that you should celebrate your body’s excess weight, but rather that you should accept it while improving it.

Body positivity provides you a reason to appreciate yourself in addition to satisfaction and assurance.

Body shaming not only have psychological problems like depression, trauma, anxiety, and fear but also forces you to go on fasting for long hours which is indeed not good for your body.

My journey began with having insomniac nights and crying nonstop while berating myself for being overweight to becoming a delighted, confident, and self-assured women. It was not an overnight phenomenon, It took me years to achieve this.

Here is some advice that I’ve gained from my experience as a plus-sized.


plus size women sharing confidence in their size

Being around plus-size women is therapeutic, believe it or not. They are the finest at motivating you without passing judgments. Moreover, you can discover a personal or public role model who motivates you on your plus-size journey. Examine your social circle because some people who body shame you are not just good for your mental health. Feel the good energy around you, and everything is possible.


plus size women exercising to be confident in size.

Invest in yourself not just your money but your time and effort. Start going to the gym, feel active and stay healthy. So what if your workout is not helping you shedding your weight, maybe it is giving you strength.

Expect reasonable outcomes from what you do so that you are not de motivated when you don’t achieve them. For example , set weekly goal to loose 1 kg or 2 kg not more .Be consistent and you will feel the glow on your face and throughout your body.

Long-term results from self investment will not only help you feel stronger, loved, and more accepted for who you are. This is my personal favorite which made me more confident in size.


social media does not give confidence in your size

I’ll let you in on a little secret: everything you scroll on social media is only the positive side, hiding the negative. No, honey, you are mistaken if you believe that models have flawless skin and ideal bodies; nobody is perfect. Avoid comparing yourself to users of social media since you already look good as you are. Simply said, they are portrayed in that way because everyone wants to be liked and admired.

Additionally, emulate your followers and unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about your body.


don't be  your enemy of your size

It doesn’t matter if a bunch of people unlike you, you are important to yourself. You are answerable to yourself not to the world. Having positive self-talk is beneficial. Even now ,whenever I feel low I always sit in front of the mirror and say positive things about myself and I speak my affirmation out loud . It gives me a sense of motivation along with introspection. Go out and live happily as if it is your last day on this planet and be confident in your size everyday.


enjoy everything to be confident in your size.

Go ahead and eat what you want and do whatever you want since nobody is stopping you. You are entirely entitled to feel happy. Perhaps you are not the only one who has eating guilty pleasures. (it’s me all the time). So chill .Read your favorite book, travel, watch Netflix, or engage in any activity that causes your body to secrete dopamine(happy hormone).Stop stressing and being self-conscious because by doing so you will simply be more stressed and who wants more pimples? not me :).


hard conversations about being confident in your size.

It has been always overwhelming for me to talk openly to my friends and family about my weight. Although there was always a concern on the other side of the table that concern it took more form of shaming. Every conversation I had with them would end with remarks about my physical appearance, health issues, and shortened life expectancy. Having open and honest conversations has always been the difficult part of my journey.


overcoming the fear of being judged about your size.

Every time I leave the house, I pass by individuals on the street who are ready to make harmful assumptions about my body type. When I was a teenager, it mattered to me, but not anymore. I’ve received a lot of criticism in the past, which changed my attitude towards reacting to judgments. Additionally, more is always more, so there isn’t a set amount of toxicity, disrespect, or negativity. turn a deaf ear to every obstructive judgment you hear.


laughter is the best answer to criticism

When I’m in public, my first thought is always, “Am I that fat?” or “Am I the fattest person in the room?” These thoughts make me feel more anxious and self-conscious about my physique. One day when I was at the beach, I still vividly recall dropping the sunscreen from my hand because I was stressed out and my inferiority complex stuck me. That was yet the most awful situation that I have ever been in .Rather now I swap my insecurity and awkwardness with laughter which makes me feel more happy and more confident in my size.


ignoring haters to be confident in your size.

Hatred comes in many forms, maybe from comments, judgments, or direct communication. People that consistently despise you are only mirror images of themselves. People who frequently
make negative remarks about you or your appearance are typically insecure. The positive person will always spread positivity around. The best way to handle them is to let them speak to your hand instead of you, which is always irrelevant.


self assuring to be confident in my size.

The only assurance you need is from you, wear the dress that you like or eat the cheeseburger you want(don’t forget your drink). You don’t need anyone who can tell you what to do or what not. One way you can be self-assured is by spending time with yourself. Go on solo dates, trips and enjoy your skincare. when you will be happy you are prone to fewer insecurities.

As a plus-size girl, I always had a lot of criticism from my friends and family about being overweight. They never left a single chance to make me feel low. This was until I realized my true potential and started working on myself. I’m so proud of who I am today and there is no turning back.

Remember, You are not born to be perfect, just be real and the world will accept you the way you are!

Much love and power to you so that you can be confident in your size as I am.

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