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How many times have you smiled today? I am damn sure that you have said this thing, Why does it always happen to me? yet not again, Life is so tough; I wish I could be much happier. Just a catch, have you tried Inspiring affirmations? I bet, Not.

Moreover, sometimes we feel that life is complicated just because others say that, and we start believing that the opinion is correct.

But the real question is, is life complicated? Oh no, sweetie, life is not as complicated as a hard nut to crack; however, it is as simple as doodling(lol, it is still difficult for me).

It is just how we take things in our lives. Just develop an optimistic approach toward life along with some Inspiring affirmations and see the magic around you!

Manifestations help you to achieve your dream life, and affirmations can make manifestations more achievable and Yes, scientific studies have shown that affirmations can benefit us and can make us a better human being:

  1. Improved blood circulation
  2. Decreased stress and anxiety
  3. Better self-assurance and confidence
  4. Better mental health and less toxicity
  5. Increased resilience
  6. Better mood for the day
  7. Optimistic approach towards life

FUN FACT: Whenever life gives you difficulties, throw some inspiring affirmations and see how they can change from more extensive to more straightforward (ofc, problems, honey)


Here are some funny affirmations to make your day crazy:

  1. I am a magnet for success and prosperity.

2. I am energized and ready to take on the day.

3. I can make other people laugh.

4. I have a bag full of jokes and laughter.

5. I am surrounded by laughter, joy, and happiness.

6. I radiate confidence, self-assured in my abilities and worth.

7. I am a beacon of laughter and hope for those around me.

8. I can make myself laugh.

9. No one can make me feel bad about my jokes.

10. I don’t take jokes to my heart.

Inspiring affirmations for better you

11. I am deserving of success in all my endeavors.

12. I am the grandmaster at finding joy in the ordinary.

13. I attract happiness and positivity.

14. I am confident enough to laugh at my failures.

15. I am a superhero at spreading Laughter bombs everywhere.

16. I am open to the flow of life, allowing it to guide me forward.

17. I attract moments of pure, unadulterated fun.

18. I am a magnet for good times and silly moments.

19. I am an artist who paints the world with vibrant laughter.

20. I am the commander of creating my sunshine on cloudy days.

Inspiring affirmations for better you

21. I attract laughter and joy effortlessly.

22. I am worthy of joy and respect from myself and others.

23. I am a magnet for happiness and positive experiences.

24. I am the boss of my silliness.

25. I am open to receiving and giving boundless love and light.

26. I am a professional at spreading smiles wherever I go.

27. I am a scientist in the laboratory of laughter.

28. I attract moments that make my cheeks hurt from smiling

29. I am a trendsetter on the dance floor of fun.

30. I am in harmony with the universe and its flow.

Inspiring affirmations for better you

31. I am a magnet for good times and silly moments.

32. I am a wizard at sprinkling joy and genuine smiles wherever I go.

33. I am a smiling magician, turning solemnity into radiant smiles.

34. I am a champion at creating my joy-filled smile zone.

35. I am a captain of the smiles, sailing through waves of warmth.

36. I attract infectious enjoyment and boundless happiness.

37. I am the CEO of my enjoyment club, spreading happiness and laughter.

38. I am resilient, bouncing back from setbacks stronger than before.

39. I am deserving of success in all my endeavors.

40. I radiate positivity and nonstop giggles.

Inspiring affirmations for better you

41. I attract belly laughs and contagious happiness.

42. I am a smile magnet, drawing joy and happiness.

43. I radiate positivity, inviting smiles wherever I go.

44. I am a winner of the art of fun and games.

45. I am a smiling engineer, constructing joy in every moment.

46. I am a giggle smith, crafting moments of pure joy and delight

47. I am an enjoyable alchemist, making everyday occurrences pleasurable.

48. I am an architect of joy, building bridges of smiles.

49. I attract experiences that bring immense laughter effortlessly.

50. I am a professional at creating my enjoyment paradise.

Inspiring affirmations for better you

51. I am a wizard at sprinkling joy and happiness.

52. I master finding humor in the most unexpected places.

53. I radiate confidence in everything I do.

54. I attract moments that light up my life with absolute enjoyment

55. I am filled with energy and ready to take on the day.

56. My mind is filled with positive and nourishing thoughts.

57. I am a magnet for finding missing socks.

58. I am a wizard at creating my joy-filled sanctuary.

59. I am an alchemist turning mundane moments into magical fun.

60. I am the ruler of my circus of unending fun.

Chanting these inspiring affirmations to yourself daily in front of the mirror and a loud voice will give you some laughter, positivity, and energy to do good things. Affirmations require a lot of consistency to work and make miracles happen. and as we know, miracles don’t happen overnight. Now, Just go and make them your habit, and there is no need to thank me later 🙂


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