How to set goals and crush them

Can you believe we share this planet with 8 billion people, meaning 8 billion people think differently! Eventually, if every one of us has different cognitive levels, that means that we humans generate more than 8 million ideas every day. But not all of us are millionaires; here comes that top 1% top secret-EXECUTION.

Goals don’t always have to be on New Year’s, Mondays’, or the 1st of every month. You should set goals when you feel that energy that you want them to be accurate and you are going to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

Okay, what could be your goals if you knew that you wouldn’t fail? Would that be different if you failed? The biggest enemy that is holding you back from succeeding is yourself. Girl, stop worrying about people around you, their judgments, and their opinions. 

Take a deep breath, and let’s dive together and uncover these realistic and unique tips on how to set your goals and crush them, and ofc you can say goodbyes to your unproductivity and frustration.


How to set goals and crush them

Goals are just pathways for your dreams to come true; goal setting is making commitments to achieve your goals. These goals can be personal growth, career, relationship, financial, or professional goals. It is not only about setting goals but also about achieving them. 

My experiential tip for goal setting is not setting realistic goals but staying honest with yourself. As it is said, am I? It’s always better to be uncomfortable with the truth rather than be comfortable with the lies. Having goals that you cannot achieve will bring you nothing but regret.

Moreover, ask yourself why you want to set this goal. What is your motive? How will it help you to achieve your dream? What inspires you to achieve this goal? What will you do with your goals if you’re in your bad times?


How to set goals and crush them

Are you a goal crusher? What makes a person a suitable goal crusher? A suitable goal crusher makes SMART goals. SMART goals don’t require a lot of knowledge but a simple following plan can make them possible. 

1S- SPECIFIC: Setting generalized goals is a waste of time. It would help if you were specific about your goals, such as if I will wake up early in the morning at six rather than if I wake up early. Having particular goals will help you stick to them and avoid finding ways to escape them.

2. M-MEASURABLE: Always quantify your goals. I know you’re not materialistic, but it is essential here. Measuring your goals is truly important for tracking your performance. It also reflects how much you have completed vs. how much you must do.

How to set goals and crush them

3. A-attainable: Having attainable goals is as essential as being determined. Achievable goals should also be realistic. Suppose you’re a night owl and set an unrealistic goal of waking up early the next day. The next day, you will be filled with regret and disappointment if you don’t wake up at the desired time. Setting unrealistic goals is just lying and putting everything in vain.

4. R-RELAVENT: Make sure your goals are relevant according to your lifestyle, values, and life. When you set relevant goals and achieve them, you tend to become more confident and motivated to set and achieve bigger goals in life.  

5. T-TIME BOUND: Lastly, you have to make goals with a deadline. This means that you’re working within a time frame that encourages you to be better within that time limit. Moreover, if unrealistic goals can harm your mindset, so do unrealistic deadlines.

Wait, This is not the end. Here are some helpful tips to set your goals and crush them.


Here are Easy tips that will make your goal-achieving journey more easier.


How to set goals and crush them

The most essential tip to make things and your goals happen is to write them down. Studies show that writing your goals down on paper increases the chances of them happening by 60%. Jotting down your goals will give you a clear vision and make you more accountable for achieving them. So next time, no matter whichever goal you’re setting, make sure that you write it down.


How to set goals and crush them

Just writing your goals down and making an execution plan is another. Making an execution plan is as essential as investing in yourself. An action plan will make it look more achievable and accessible and give you a plan for what’s next. Realistic planning is good, but more than generalizingand adding too much can make your goals look hard.


How to set goals and crush them

tell me, what is the use of working so hard when you don’t know the end? Measuring your progress will give you the necessary effort to achieve your goals. Reward yourself with a small gift whenever you achieve your goal because this will keep you motivated in the long run. Don’t set unrealistic progress expectations that will demotivate you when you fail. 


How to set goals and crush them

Remember to write your goals in a notebook hidden in your house. Make your goals visible because it will subconsciously affect your brain to make them happen when you consistently see or narrate them. You can stick notes on your fridge or bathroom mirror so you’re in touch with your daily goals. But don’t remember to remove these notes when you’re expecting a guest.


How to set goals and crush them

Visualization plays a vital role in manifesting your dreams. Spare 10 minutes in your morning and night routine to recite and visualize your goals. Think and feel that your goals are already achieved and you’re living your dream. Act like it, but don’t remember to work on them. Manifestation and visualization only work when you have the energy to execute them and make them happen.


How to set goals and crush them

Accountability is an essential part when it comes to setting goals and crushing them. Long-term goals can feel overwhelming and complex when it comes to action. Make sure that you share your goals with a person who is genuinely yours, either your parents or your friends. When They regularly check upon you, and if you’re not doing anything, it will make you feel ashamed and work upon them rather than making excuses. 


How to set goals and crush them

Unrealistic goals are the same as reaching a destination without a map. Setting unrealistic goals brings disappointment, regret, frustration, self-doubt, and more. Six months back, I used to set unrealistic goals and ended up losing my self-confidence and gaining insecurities. Setting and achieving smaller goals is a practical way in the long run. 


How to set goals and crush them

Sit down and write down all the possible factors that might influence your goals, i.e., your distractions. Encountering your early distractions will help you identify them and stay consistent. Keeping your phone aside or decluttering your desk can help you stay positive and determined toward your goals.


How to set goals and crush them

You don’t have to stick to the plan even if things aren’t working out according to the plan. Take some breaks and analyze the facts and figures that work for you. If not, change them, but ensure your end goal remains the same. Stay consistent, dedicated, and hard-working; everything will eventually, work out in your favor.

Last but not least, Girl, I know you have all the powers, and you can set your goals and crush them. Just stop being lazy, and you deserve the world. Don’t forget to check out how to improve your life in the next 6 months.


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