harsh truths about long-distance relationships

Congratulations on your long-distance relationship! How long have you been together? Or Are you guys just getting started? Trust me you need to listen to these harsh truths about long-distance relationships that will help you sustain your stretching relationship.

If you ask me how your long-distance relationship survived for five years, a simple answer would be EFFORTS. The relationship is not about 50-50. sometimes it is 20-80 or maybe 60-40. Sometimes, you will be in your good phase, but it doesn’t mean it is the same on the other end.

A long-distance relationship is not something we do out of choice or fun; it’s just that life has different plans. Life is so unpredictable; at one moment you will be like, yeah, I have this person, and every next person, that person is gone, and to maintain this normalcy, we have to adapt ourselves.

It is a myth that short-distance relationships don’t require much effort or importance, but my friend, every relationship except partners, friends, or family requires love, time, and effort. Moreover, long-distance relationships need a little more, and long-standing relationships are not for the faint-hearted.

The second sauce for sustaining long distances is LOVE. Whether I was 100 or 100,000 miles away, I knew I wanted my partner at the end of the day. This was on both sides. At the end of the day, we realized that we were meant for each other, and even with the distance, we were pulled together by love and communication.

From my experience, I can give you these 13 harsh truths about long-distance relationships:


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

Physical affection is the most significant thing you will miss out on in a long-distance relationship. Hugs, kisses, and cuddles are the least
you can expect from your partner, but you will have plenty of virtual love from their side. You can watch online movies together, or some dates can be helpful. Sometimes, you will feel that a heart-to-heart connection is missing, and I understand you, but this is what it is.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

The communication gap is not something that only long distances suffer; even short distances do. The only difference is that long distances are wider because you cannot meet that person and tell your part of the story. Mark my words that even a little misunderstanding can ruin your loving relationship. So whenever things aren’t going well, talk to each other because communication is the only key. (lol, I imagine a person opening the door lock with his words).


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

The mystery of meeting again always remained unrevealed. You never know when you will meet next. Luckily, video calls have made our lives easier. This anxiety of meeting again can be depressing and can have effects on your body as well. I know that can be a lot more frustrating than it sounds, but I know you can make it work out because you two love birds love each other. Furthermore, who knows, your next meeting can be a surprise!


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

The Harsh truth about a long-distance relationship is that you both must grow apart. You two will grow up in different cultures, societies, and upbringings, affecting your relationship. You both will have expectations regarding your partner, and unrealistic expectations can be an enemy. Both of you will grow as different individuals and will have disparate interests. At some point, it can make you realize that your brothers are not a better fit for each other.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

Yeah, sweetheart, the worst part about long distance is the mental disturbance. Your mental peace will be fucked up with your sleep cycles, and if the time zone is another problem, then I will pray for you. Why hasn’t he called me, or is he even okay? At every point, you will feel like you are alone, frustrated, and depressed because you are not having your partner by your side. Tiny, little arguments can mess up your mental health. Moreover, this mental anxiety adversely affects your physical health as well.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

No one will tell you, but let me tell you that your relationship will not remain the same once you’re in a long-distance relationship. No matter how much effort you put into this relationship, there will always be an aspect that you will miss out on. People will judge you for
your relationship will laugh at you and will gossip about your relationship. but don’t worry and stay strong because if you want your relationship to be strong, let it goes through some challenging phases.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

Having insecurities over long distances is similar to finding lipstick in a girl’s purse- readily available. It’s hard to know how to deal with the jealousy, possessiveness, and worries that go with having a partner who’s far away. Even people who trust their partner ultimately can find it hard to cope with insecurities.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you are no longer sure that she is the only one because, at some point, you will feel like, what if he is cheating on you because he hasn’t given you any commitment? What if he sees another person in his life? Having a solid connection over a long distance when you have other options is difficult, but don’t worry, honey, honey. The right one for you will ensure that and give you that.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

A long-distance relationship puts a lot of stress on your financial pocket. Suppose your partner is living in another country. Would you spend every month on flights, hotels, and gifts to meet him? No, because you have a lot of other commitments and expenses on which you have to spend your money. This is the reality that no one will talk about and is important one in the list of harsh truths about long distance relationships


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

Another harsh truth about long-distance relationships is that you will face many problems balancing your priorities. Balancing your career, family, friends, and relationships is more challenging than it looks. Even if you do this, it will only last for a while because you miss the most crucial individual: YOU. You will soon miss out on your individuality and be busy juggling everything else.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

You both will miss out so much in each other’s lives. Although you both will be there for each other on the big days, small moments and small things should be celebrated. That virtual sharing can never replace someone who was there with you at that moment. It’s not always about happy days; when you don’t feel like yourself or are not suitable, your partner by your side is the biggest blessing. This is one of the another harsh truths about long distance relationships


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

Zooming out is one of the most common symptoms of long-distance relationships. You will be zoned out in deep memories when one of your friends asks or talks about him. You will miss him but still will be helpless. In the initial few months, you will constantly ponder upon him in the middle of your meetings or social gatherings, and if you’re an overthinker like me, you will already plan what you will wear on your next physical date.


harsh truths about long-distance relationships

There will be no excitement in your relationship as everything will be planned: your meetings, your dates, EVERYTHING. You cannot
go on an adventurous and thrilling date because you both have miles between you. Even if you wanted to do something exciting, all you could do was play video games, watch movies, or text each other.

Not all long-distance relationships are destined to fail. With some extra effort, love, communication, and trust, you can make them survive. Now that you know the Harsh truths about long-distance relationships, you can better encounter them early and make your relationship flourish even better.


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