Simple self- care ideas

Honey, it’s not just you! It’s normal. Everyone feels burned out at some point, maybe from our monotonous, hectic routines or from becoming people-pleasers. Amidst the constant noise of our busy lives, it’s essential to take a mindful pause and check in with ourselves, and a list of simple self-care ideas will solve all your worries.

So you’re not lying in your bed anymore on your bad days and crying all day(because you have me), and your bestie will give you a tight hug of what you need the most right now: self-care and some love. And don’t worry, it will not stretch your pocket.

Trust me when I say this: self-care is not just about enjoying a glass of wine with a facemask. It’s a lot more happening! 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Self-care works like therapy for you on your low days. Self-care, in simple words, is taking care of yourself. Moreover, self-care can also involve asking questions like how am I feeling today? Things I am grateful for, etc. It is essential for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and financial health.

Self-care refreshes your mind to produce the best version of yourself, visualize your highest self, and even saves you from your turmoil days. The main idea of self-care is to check on yourself once a day.

I believe that even we humans need maintenance, as cars do; after all, we are also machines with emotions.

So here are 27 super easy, practical, and fun Self-care ideas you have to try;


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Girl, you are the best, and don’t seek external validation to be happy. Psychology believes that the reasons for seeking validation can be past experiences, low self-esteem, and confidence.

So next time you wear a dress, compliment yourself or pat your back and say you did it! This will also create a sense of joy and motivation for the next day. 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Consciously or Unconsciously, we tend to talk negatively about ourselves. This source can be external or internal, like how dumb I am, how am I best at nothing, or someone saying this is far beyond my potential. No.

Don’t say that because you’re rewiring your brain to perceive that you’re not good enough. Instead, have positive self-talk every morning and night to ensure that you know your power, your potential and believe me, you deserve the world.  


One of the Simple self-care ideas

This is one of the simple self-care ideas and is ofc for free. Nature is the best healer without any costs. Whenever you’re depressed or feeling low, try walking in nature.

Studies show that spending at least 30 minutes in nature can help you decrease your anxiety and depression levels by 50%. It also helps you to cool down, refresh, and regenerate from several mental tensions. Just include this in your daily TO DO list now! 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

I know having proper and refreshing sleep can be a dream for many. My favorite part is that you need a pillow and a bed, and you’re good to go quickly. Proper sleep cycles enhance your brain performance, mood, and health.

Having irregular sleep cycles can make you feel more lethargic and increases the probability of you having heart and other diseases. Moreover, sleeping helps you consolidate memories. Ensure you have at least 7- 8 hours of sleep daily to wake up fresh and not exhausted. 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

This is one of the simple self-care ideas you can do at home. This self-care activity will help you to connect your soul with your mind. Practice it for 15 minutes daily, and you can see a drastic change within yourself.

Mediation accompanied by yoga is the best combination ever. When I started, I was a noob, but now I am a pro because I learned the art of right mindfulness, and it is yet soo relaxing for these unwanted anxiety and stresses.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Go on that trip you have been planning for months, get a nice bag, a manicure or pedicure, or read a book in a cozy place. Anything that you like, do it.

Remember, no one else will if you’re not doing it for yourself. You are the author of your book unless you want a shared writer. Pampering yourself is the best way of self-care and self-living with no regrets later on!


One of the Simple self-care ideas

This is and will always be my best self-care idea. Connecting with your loved ones helps you discover your memories and be grateful for what you have. Studies believe that people who feel more connected have lower anxiety and depression.

Moreover, they develop higher self-esteem empathy for others, and can adapt to different situations quickly. Call your loved ones and tell them how much you love and appreciate them before it’s too late.  


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Decluttering your physical and mental spaces is as important as a snack with a drink(lol, I don’t know; I love food examples so much). Physical decluttering can include cleaning your messed-up room, organizing your closet, or getting rid of unwanted stuff.

Similarly, mental decluttering includes getting rid of emotions and beliefs that are holding you back and factors that are stopping you from growing.

Letting things not in your hands go is the best and simplest self-care idea to love yourself. Decluttering will help you have a growth mindset and more clarity in life. 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Next time you look at a self-care Sunday post, save it. If you’re a beginner and need help figuring out where to start, this can be a great help.

Get inspired and plan out a weekend. Have specific days of the week when you will be available for yourself, not anyone else. These self-care days will help you uplift, love, and encourage yourself to return to your routine and slay.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

This might be the most underrated self-care activity, but it works like magic. Having regular social media detox saves you from mental burnout. When you see other people’s lives on social media that are not even real, you tend to demotivate yourself.

You have to believe that everything you look at needs to be revised. Detox will help you to realize your true potential and what you can do.  


One of the Simple self-care ideas

This is one of the simple self-care ideas that you can do anywhere and anytime. Journaling is the best introspection and self-care activity to help you know yourself better. You can reflect on your weaknesses and strengths and can learn to improve and grow better in life.

Moreover, if you need more motivation to start your journaling journey, there are many cute and aesthetic journals you can check out and buy. Wake up and start your reflection journey ASAP! 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Remember your H20! Researchers found that people who drank the least amount of water (less than two glasses per day) were at significantly higher risk for depression and anxiety than those who drank five glasses or more per day. So, technically, water helps you stay happy.

Get some cute bottles or set phone alarms to help you drink water after regular intervals. Moreover, more water, happy, clear, and glowing skin! 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

In the 21st century, money is everything. Having a lower finance can affect your mental health a lot. This simple self-care idea reminds you that you can buy whatever you wish with proper finance management.

Finance management includes proper budgeting, not drowning in debts, and investing. If you’re In this area, you can spend time educating yourself and handling your finances without being impulsive. 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Moving every day and just completing your daily activity goal is another simple self-care idea. Exercise keeps you motivated, healthy, and, most importantly, energized. You can do anything in your day and use your time best.

Exercising also helps you lower your stress levels and feel better  about your body. Exercising for at least 45 minutes also enables you to secrete dopamine and serotonin, the happy hormones in your body.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

A good diet is similar to extending your life. A good and nutritious diet will give you the energy to do your favorite things and enjoy your well-being. Not only this, The foods we eat have been shown to have a direct effect on our mental health, as about 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced by gut bacteria.

Low levels of serotonin result in fatigue, headache, anxiety, and depression. Who wants that wrinkle on your forehead so early? Get your nutrients now.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

For me, coffee is the best part of my day. Don’t rush; enjoy your coffee sip by sip to feel every flavor of it. This is a simple self-care idea: You can bring a fancy coffee home by preparing it.

You can try Dalgona coffee (my savior during bad days) and enjoy it with a book, or enjoy it anyway.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Are you 18? If yes, what stops you from going on a solo trip? Are you afraid or cannot manifest? Try these travel affirmations and pack your bags now. Discover yourself, your needs, wants, goals, happiness, everything.

Go on a trip that makes you feel happy and regenerated. This self-care will explode dopamine if you’re on the correct route. 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Seeking happiness in others is an amazing way of self-care. Helping people in need gives you another level of satisfaction, gratitude, and happiness. Volunteering can help you build friendships and reduce your feelings of isolation.

It also boosts self-confidence by accomplishing goals, learning new skills, and making a difference. It also motivates you to find your purpose in life.  


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Sometimes, doing nothing is still doing something. Lie down without a phone or music, turn off all your plans, and do nothing. Engross in your thoughts your vision for the future, introspect yourself and think about your family, friends, and everything else.

Don’t overthink, but cherish your happy moments in life; remember your strengths when you were down and how you made it. Reflect on your life journey so far.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

You can DIY anything from candles to manicures and whatnot at home. You need the prep kit, including all the required stuff, and you’re ready. If you have a company, that’s better, but if not, you can do it all by yourself.

Try crocheting or soaps because these are my favorite things to do, and the sent candles smell so good.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Dancing is one of the simple self-care ideas where all you want is you. Just turn on the music loud and dance in whatever way you like. The main goal is that you’re happy and losing some inches and calories, too.

If you don’t know how to dance, you can start by watching simple YouTube videos and enjoy them. My recommendations are definitely for Bhangra because that option is a win-win. 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

If you want to level up your life, this is the most self-care idea. The best part is that you can play a podcast in your background  and keep doing other things, such as household chores.

Podcasts uplift you with the positivity that the speaker is delivering. It will also freshen up your brain and give you various beliefs and aspects of life.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

I shower twice daily. Yes, you heard me right. I shower once in the morning with cold water and once at night with warm water. A cold shower helps me start my day fresh by keeping my skin tight, lowering my body temperature and heart rate, and keeping me energized, energizing me.

However, a hot shower helps me to release all my physical and mental stresses and go to bed in a relaxed mood. You can give it a try! 


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Sometimes reading can be tedious and pathetic, but reading the genre you like can be relaxing. This idea only involves a few requirements but has the highest return.

Reading helps to enhance your brain activity and improves your knowledge and confidence. Find a cozy place to spend your free time in your room, and you can start reading. Moreover, remember your coffee or some snacks!  


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Laughing our hearts out has become like shooting stars once in a while. Make sure that you spend at least 10 minutes every day smiling and laughing. Studies show that smiling can also help lower blood sugar and blood pressure, reduce stress, boost immune systems, and release natural painkillers and serotonin.

Moreover, when you smile and laugh, people are more attracted to you and feel comfortable.


One of the Simple self-care ideas

Yes, you hear me right! Take some time to breathe. Don’t be a person who is always available for anyone and everyone. Spare some time for yourself. Relax, relax, and relax, and say no to plans. This is another one of the simple self-care ideas that you can do just by staying at home.  


One of the Simple self-care ideas

This is an underrated self-care idea, but scheduling your day ahead of time helps keep you productive and avoid unwanted procrastination. You can prioritize your work before and take some time to relax and do things that you love to do without canceling them at the last moment with disappointment. 

Now you know what to do on your bad days, right? So wake up and cheer yourself up. Try these 27 unique yet simple self-care ideas, and tell me how you felt after 

in the comment section below.


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