Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Done with this week? Tired of your everyday routine? Need some energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to level up your life? My friend, you are in the right spot. You will  uncover these interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s that will help you bring back the sparkle in you and your life that you have missed somewhere in this busy world.

Spending your 20s is about exploring yourself, trying new things, gaining new life experiences, growing, falling, and getting rich too (7th hobby will help you)!

Sometimes, I regret not enjoying my 20s and just wasted them by thinking, What will others say? Secondly, when will I have money? This was an immature version of me. Sweethearts, trust me, enjoy the moments you are in, and don’t worry about anything because you are the author of your own life. 

But the trick question is: How do I find my hobbies? Umm, not that tricky; TRY EVERYTHING. Please do whatever you want, skydiving or baking; just go for It. You deserve happiness, so don’t stop yourself from doing what you want. Life is too short to regret!

And how do you know your favorite hobby is your passion, too? Discover our calling with these 21 best and most exciting and interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

I know this can be a boring hobby when you hear it for the first time, but trust me, it’s not that wild. Reading will help you freshen your mind and widen your horizon of thinking, even when you have experienced or have not experienced that particular thing.

And the best part is you don’t have to communicate and still know everything. Every wealthy person has a habit of reading(lol, this was my first reading inspo). You can have a best friend who will never backstab you; papers don’t judge. 


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Learning a new language is one of the exciting hobbies to pick up in your 20s. Learning a new language will help you to develop a better cognitive functioning, flexibility, and analytic skills. Bilingual adults, compared with monolingual adults, experience less age-related cognitive decline.

Moreover, another benefit is that you can read a lot of stuff and learn about different cultures and traditional things of a particular language. 


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Come on, It is not only the girl thing that they must cook. Cooking is a part of our daily routine, but cooking passionately differs from what we usually do. Cooking passionately feels therapeutic. You can try different cuisines and flavors and can experiment a lot.

To relax this hobby, you can add some aesthetic decor, dim lighting (make sure you can see while cooking), and scented candles. It’s the perfect setup for a cooking night. I bet this hobby will never fail for men because women love men who can cook.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

In today’s chaotic world, everyone is so busy that they hardly get any time for themselves, but meditation perfectly aligns your body with your soul. You don’t require fancy setups. All you need is a mat and a quiet place.

The art of right mindfulness with yoga is a match made in heaven. Yoga will help you to relieve your physical illness; however, mindfulness will help you to become mentally stronger. 


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

My journal journey went from writing five lines daily to writing a whole page. Journaling is the best hobby you can adopt in your 20s, and believe me when I say this: If you are an overthinker just like me, this is a magical solution. When we overthink, we have a lot of things in our minds, but when we start writing the paper, they feel much more unrealistic and don’t make any sense.

Moreover, journaling every day is a practical way of self-reflection and self-care. And also a perfect in the list of interesting hobbies for newbies who needs an introduction to journaling.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Learning different cuisines, cultures, and history seems reasonable, but visual experiences sound much more fascinating and lovely. You don’t have to start traveling to expensive places; take your car to your nearest park or museum.

If you are a person who is always on the go, Travelling is one such hobby that can be your passion and can make you money as well. You can start your travel blog or YouTube channel by exploring different places where other people cannot go and show them the amazing scenes. 


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Don’t listen if anyone says investing is complicated or risky. If you’re a complete newbie in investing, start educating yourself because this will help you achieve financial stability and freedom. You can invest in anything from real estate to business. All you need is knowledge; it never comes in a single day. As they say, more is always less when investing in both; knowledge and money.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

I know this is not a popular hobby, but this is an important hobby that everyone should have. Spending time with your family and friends keeps you more grounded, grateful, and humble. You will know how to appreciate little things in life. Moreover, spending time with yourself is essential to your care routine. You should know and embrace every part of yourself and have better clarity about what you are doing with your life.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

A survey revealed the lists of common fears that people face, and the most common was public speaking. You don’t want to be the one who trembles when standing up on the stage; this was me. Every time someone told me to prepare a presentation or even an introduction, I pretended that I was about to faint.

If you don’t want to be like me, make it a habit and a hobby to practice public speaking daily. It will also help you to develop other skills too, such as sales,  persuasion and become extra confident.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Who doesn’t want to relive their childhood? I bet nobody would. I still remember having a slam book in my school days and getting it filled by friends, but scrapbooking is neither the less.

You can make a beautiful scrapbook with unforgettable memories with your loved ones. This hobby will make you dive into your past happy moments and will make you feel grateful about it. 


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Sometimes, you feel that painting is an overrated hobby, especially in your 20s when you have a lot of energy to do other things. But painting what you like, love, and resonates with you is something out of the world. If painting is something that you love, then go for it. You never know that you can be the next great artist. 


What is more fruitful than having a hobby that helps others? Volunteering is the best hobby for helping others and making them feel loved. Moreover, you  can also make some new friends and connections. The kind of happiness we have after helping anyone is just mesmerizing.

Furthermore, you can develop an optimistic  approach when you look at unprivileged people. This will also make you more outgoing and happy.  


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Listen, we can’t be friends if you don’t like music. Are you even a human who doesn’t like music? Music is not just the lyrics it is your feeling and emotion. Listening to music can help you reduce your anxiety levels, improve your brain conditioning, and deal with challenging situations.

The music always doesn’t have to be loud and vibrant. Sometimes, it can just be meditative, calm, and soothing. Moreover, if this hobby becomes your favorite, you can be a lyricist. 


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Pottery is my favorite in the list of interesting hobbies to try in your 20s. I still remember my first hobby class being pathetic. But over time, I learned the right skills. Guess what? Who can make and design pots? Yeah, it’s me. You can be a potter too! Just enroll yourself in pottery classes. This is one of the exciting hobbies to pick up in your 20s without any stress.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Treasure hunting is true! Yes, you heard me right, and this can be an adventurous hobby for sure. You just have to find a place where you can go geocaching. The only effort you need is to find the treasure.

This will also improve your problem-solving and analytics skills. One hidden gem that you will discover is more patience and, of course, the gold coins (that are fake :))


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

TBH, I love baking. I might not love the process because it is tedious, but the outcome is so delicious that no one could resist trying out this hobby. Baking is another hobby that can help you set up your business. You do not need to have a specific degree or qualification. It is just simple recipes that will keep you going. 


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Girls love people who can play guitar or violin. It feels so relaxing, and you focus on every tone produced by the instrument. Learning a new instrument can make you feel good and more tempted about yourself. Moreover, this hobby is not in vogue so that you can try it!


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Horse riding is another exciting hobby to pursue. You can even find your princess, huh? I haven’t even experienced horse riding, but I am sure, it will be fun. But I had a ride on a camel; it was just like, wow. You can try this hobby when you are tired of sitting at home and enjoying nature with your new buddy.


Knitting or crocheting is not a free hobby. Most of my friends who love knitting have online stores where they sell their products. You can be the next one! The most tempting thing about knitting is that you can learn it from home if you have a grandmother. It is also one of the Interesting hobbies that you can pick up in your 20s.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

This is the most creative hobby I have ever loved doing at any time. Making candles and soaps from scratch feels good, and I have always I loved the process. You can use scented candles and soaps, which are much more natural and don’t harm the skin and the environment.

Moreover, these things feel so aesthetic that you can do with your partner or friends. And is also my personal, personal favorite in the list of interesting hobbies to try in your 20s.


Interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s

Sometimes, doing nothing is still a hobby. You can draw lines and shapes and do anything while doodling. You don’t have to stress out about drawing a particular image or painting; you have to be the artist of your paintings. Just spend time picturing who you are and what you want.

 These are some interesting hobbies to pick up in your 20s (that I regret I didn’t start in my 20s), but now you know, so pack your bags and load your energy to make your life the best out of your 20s. Please take my advice now before it’s too late!


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